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Tips to make your appointment run smoothly:

  • Please note important areas for me focus on upon arrival. 

  • If possible, throw away large trash like cups, plates, soda cans and etc. (crumbs, sand/dirt, spills, grime, under seats, hay, hair/pet hair and etc. are all me!)

  • Let me know if there is a time limit (please allow a minimum of 3hrs to complete so those small details can be completed as well). 

  • These tips can save 45 minutes to an hour, which gives me 45+ minutes more to enhance your vehicle 🚗 with the small details. 


How long does the average detail take?

This answer depends on the package you selected:

  • Exterior Only ~ 1.5hrs.

  • Interior Only ~ 3-4hrs depending on extent of interior work.

  • Supreme = 3.5-5hrs


Do you need to use water or power from me?

  • No, I am fully mobile with power and water to detail in apartments, parking lots, hills, homes, offices, etc.

  • This means you don't have to worry about a cord running through your front door for hours : ).

  • If your apartment complex has issues with detailers washing cars a park nearby is perfect. 


Ceramic Coating ?

  • A semi-permanent protective layer against external paint damage such as bird sap, washing process and road contaminants that ruins paint. However, a ceramic coating is not full proof against dents and other physical damage.

Why are ceramic coatings so expensive?

  • The chemical Si02 is what produces that protective layer. It is very expensive. Typically 1 sedan uses an entire 30ML bottle for the exterior often ranging above $100 for a quality brand.


How do you get stains out of seats and will all stains come out?

  • Heated steam extraction with a carpet stain pretreatment. Excellent for removing dirt and grime also!

Do you provide receipts?

  • Yes, I certainly do! 

What form of payment do you accept?

  • Cash, Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp, Mastercard/VISA. Payments are due at location after completion of service. Thanks for your understanding as a small business. 


Hello! My name is Jabari and I operate Supreme Detail as a sole business owner. I take pride in detailing as it is not only my business but my passion. I love taking the time to make something look it's best and having a finished product I am proud of. Why choose a mobile detailer vs a detail shop? A detail shop has many expenses and overhead, which means they tend to use products at the Armor All level. I use the highest quality detail products sparing nothing in no cost or preparation for each detail. In addition, I can focus on 1 car for 4hrs instead of 3-4 at a time. Also there is the convenience of having your car detailed at home while you work from home, run errands, relax inside or sit and chat with me instead of sitting at shop for hours.

Supreme Detail LLC is owned by Jabari Harper. 

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