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Supreme Detail is a luxury service for car detailing. All cars get luxury treatment. Whether it's just the ride that gets you from Point A to Point B, the family vehicle or your weekend treat we'll give your car a refreshed and supreme look that'll make your vehicle stand out from the pack. You can expect friendly and mobile sevice that comes right to your doorstep. 

Supreme Detail LLC is owned by Jabari Harper. 

Tips to make your appointment run smoothly:

  • Please note important areas for me focus on upon arrival. 

  • If possible, throw away large trash like cups, plates, soda cans and etc. (crumbs, sand/dirt, spills, grime, under seats, hay, hair/pet hair and etc. are all me!)

  • Let me know if there is a time limit (please allow a minimum of 3hrs to complete so those small details can be completed as well). 

  • Know this a team effort, more than just business and we have the same goal 🥅.

  • These tips can save 45 minutes to an hour, which gives me 45+ minutes more to enhance your vehicle 🚗 with the small details. 

How long does the average detail take?

This answer depends on the package you selected:

  • Basic, Basic+ = 2hrs

  • Premium, Premium+ = 2-3.5hrs

  • Supreme = 3.5-4hrs

  • Deep Clean Interior only = 2hrs+ (stain removal, steaming and getting every crevice)

What is a ceramic coating?

  • A semi-permanent protective layer against external paint damage such as bird sap, washing process and road contaminants that ruins paint. However, a ceramic coating is not bullet proof against dents and other physical damage.


How do you get stains out of seats and will all stains come out?

  • The first step is to steam the stained area to break it up, next is to apply shampoo to absorb it in the stain, third is to agitate it further with a brush and the final step is adding suction to extract the stains for the impacted area. 

  • It's important if you have a stain to remove it right away. For example, a stain that has been there for multiple years may not fully come out.


Do you clean RVs and what's the price?

  • RVs vary wildly based on size and whether a client wants interior work as well so let's connect for a quote.

What form of payment do you accept?

  • Cash, Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp, Bitcoin.


Is there a secret menu? Yes, ask about these specialty services below.

  • Ceramic coating for your FABRIC! Yes, you can literally spill Coca-Cola on your fabric and it will roll off and not soak into your carpet for 6-12 months based on the option you choose (perfect if you have children or you love to drink coffee while driving).

  • Ceramic coating for your TIRES. Yes, dirt and brake dust will roll off. All you have to do is blast with a low pressure water hose. Once brake dust is embedded into your rim the damage can be permanent. 

  • Is it your birthday month? If so, you get a 10% discount (must show ID)

  • Check back as this list will be expanding this year with more cool services offered!

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