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Second Car Discount!

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Monday Special!

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For a limited time, get $60 off on the second vehicle when purchasing the Supreme package for the first car. Pay just $460 total for both instead of $520. Offer valid for same-day completion. Plan for 6hrs+ to detail both cars. Thank you for your interest!


Eligible for these packages below (not for Monday special).

  • Exterior

    • $100 not $120.​

  • Deep Interior

    • $180 not $200.​

  • Supreme Light

    • $180​ not $200.

  • Supreme

    • $230 not $260.​


Ideal for those seeking the Supreme Package at a discount! Limited availability, book early to secure your spot. Only 3 appointments accepted per day for quality assurance. This package has become very popular. Please note this deal is separate from other deals and 1 car only. 


This option for those looking to sell their vehicle and get the most for it. What does it include? Paint enhancements for a high gloss shine, removal of minor scuffs, stain removal, engine bay cleaning, head light buff and improvements  within reason to increase the value of your vehicle.

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